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Introduction to Education - Answer Key

  • Introduction to Education - Answer Key
  • Introduction to Education - Answer Key
  • Introduction to Education - Answer Key

Introduction to Education - Answer Key

Psarouthakis Stamatina,

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Pages 256
ISBN13 978-618-202-027-2
Place of Issue Θεσσαλονίκη
Year of publish 2020
Dimensions 21x29 cm
Cover Μαλακό
Book interior Ασπρόμαυρο
Accompanying Material ΟΧΙ

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INTRODUCTION TO EDUCATION is the first of a series of four books designed to assist students in developing English skills in the field of education, while enhancing their professional understanding of the subject of their studies. Students are given the opportunity to familiarize themselves with academic texts which will improve their abilities to handle the bibliography related to their domain.
The book consists of 15 units with ANSWERS. Each unit begins with a passage pertaining to education, followed by a reading comprehension section and discussion questions. There is a use of language section with a variety of exercises built and focused on the special terminology each text includes. The grammar section includes theory and exercises aiming at the improvement of the learner’s use of the English language, while the listening section relates to the topic of each unit. The writing section consists of projects that focus on helping the students master specialized vocabulary and hone their writing skills.
At the end of the book a glossary of special terms is included.

Unit 1 Education in ancient Greece
Unit 2 The Sophists
Unit 3 Understanding Schools through a historical perspective
Unit 4 The importance of Education
Unit 5 Approaches to learning domain
Unit 6 Types of Learning Style
Unit 7 Learning with understanding
Unit 8 Preschool Education objectives
Unit 9 The importance of play
Unit 10 Socialization and Education
Unit 11 The art and science of teaching
Unit 12 Accomplished teachers inspire students learning
Unit 13 Collaborative learning
Unit 14 Special Education
Unit 15 Bilingual education
Unit 16 Formative assessment in the classroom
Unit 17 Summative assessment
Additional listening choices

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